Barbie Diaries, The: High School Mystery Super-Ego Games / Activision Value Publishing, Inc. 2006

Barbie and her band Charmz are excited to enter their High School Battle of the Bands but someone sabotages the competition by sending threatening text messages saying "Drop out or else!” and ruining their sheet music and stage. Barbie won't be scared off and begins to investigate the strange occurrences. Can Barbie unravel the mystery while keeping her friendships intact and the band together in order to compete and win the Battle of the Bands? Players play as Barbie in 3rd person perspective. Gameplay is built around an innovative social strategy simulation. Barbie needs to build friendships and gain support of others to solve the mystery. Make friends by finding common interests, conversing with other characters, doing favors and tasks as well as completing puzzles and activities. Explore fun high school locations including classrooms, library, computer lab, outdoor commons & music room.
ISO Demo 363MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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