Second Guest, The Twice Effect / HeadUp Games, Meridian4 2012

Graphically inspired by the works of famed director, Tim Burton, The Second Guest is a five-part episodic point'n'click mystery crime adventure that takes place in 1920's London. Members of the development team have previously worked on The Whispered World. Players assume the role of Jack Ice, a young student who receives a mysterious telegram inviting him to the reading of Lord Averton's will at the old Grace Castle. There is only one problem: Jack didn't know Averton. Upon arrival at the castle, a violent thunderstorm erupts and causes a massive landslide that effectively isolates the castle and its inhabitants from the outside world. To make matters worse, it becomes evident that Lord Averton did not die of natural causes and that the heirs could be the next targets. Alone amongst strangers and fearing for his life, Jack has no choice but to get to the bottom of things. If he wants to survive this night, he will have to unravel the mystery about Grace Castle and perhaps reveal details about his own past.
German ISO Demo 759MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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