Dead Cyborg Endre Barth 2011

This is a free text adventure/first person crawler but the creator is accepting donations to allow more episodes to be made. Touting visuals more impressive than expected and an awesome name, the game will also be as expensive as you think it should be. It has a total gameplay time of about two and a half hours. Episode 1 (July 12) - The game is an exploration adventure title that sees you waking up in an unknown shuttle cabin, not knowing how you got there, or who was originally also in your cabin. By reading holocubes and figuring out puzzles that allow you to explore more of your surroundings, you'll be able to piece the situation together and work out what exactly is going on. Episode 2: In the Death (Mar/2013) has been released too.
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Free Game Episodes 1+2 31MB+35MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
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