Polda (Cop) [Cz] SleepTeam / Zima Software 1998

This is the first in a popular series of Czech adventures. It is a humorous adventure game in which the main role of a policeman. It's dubbed by the Czech actor Ludek Sobota. Other characters in the game voiced by celebrities such as Peter Narozny, Jiri Labus, Oldrich Kaiser, Vlastimil Bedrna, Bohdan Tuma and others. A quiet little village Lupany is frightened by the sudden disappearance of two local citizens. The investigation of the kidnapping is entrusted to the local cop Pankrác, who is everything but a proper law enforcer. The player controls (in most situations, since the protagonist is prone to outbursts of rage during which his eyes glow red and shoots, whether it's a fish tank or hobo) the Cop on his three day quest. Little does he know how is the case connected to his family... Featuring Lara Croft's sister. This wacky point-and-click adventure game was rated 18+ during its initial release. For a short period of time in late 2005 it was released for free. The game has 2D graphics, a number of humorous and logical puzzles, and is a Czech adventure legend. Its fame is from the mainly positive dubbing and the number of characters.
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Czech Full Demo with DOSBox 359MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Czech Full Demo 94MB (uploaded by Cshry)

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