Tommy: The Interactive Adventure Then & Now, Pete Townshend Presents Kardana Productions / Interplay 1996

This takes the user on a musical journey and is a must have for any of the rock group The Who. It combines aspects of the album, movie, and Broadway play. The musical adventure is divided into three main areas. The Experiential Tommy is the area in which the CD-ROM always begins. Here the user can interact with the music from Tommy; listen to the songs, see the lyrics, view clips from the movie or play. The second area is the Documentary. This timeline allows the user to see how The Who and Tommy have evolved through the years. The third area, Pete's Archive, is a collection of notes, profiles, and trivia which have been part of the Tommy legend. If you are familiar with Tommy it will make the program more interesting. There are many things waiting to be discovered in this program so it is best to click on every picture to make sure that you find it all. "Tommy Mart" provides samples of Tommy products available f or purchase from different vendors (addresses and telephone numbers are given). A 70 page full-color booklet is included. The booklet contains pictures and trivia, most of which are on the CD-ROM, and a list of further publications about The Who and/or Tommy.
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Clone ISO Demo (provided by Hellsgate & uploaded by Scaryfun) 547MB

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