Alien Hominid Dan Paladin & Tom Fulp / The Behemoth 2002

This flash version of Alien Hominid spawned the many console versions later released. This version only features the first level, but still has the same style of play and story where a little yellow alien is shot down by the F.B.I. and must defend himself against their onslaught. The controls consist of using the Left and Right arrow key to move Hominid while use the Up key to jump and shoot upwards and using the Down key to shoot downwards while jumping. To shoot Hominid's gun, the player uses the "A" key while using the "S" key to jump. The player advances through the level, shooting at F.B.I. agents or slicing them at close range with a knife. Additionally, the player can jump on top of enemies and bite their heads off and can find various power-ups scattered throughout the level that includes shooting fire from their gun and larger energy balls. Graphic artist Dan Paladin is responsible for the hand drawn art for the game and later did the work for the console releases and has done other games such as Sack Smash 2001, Dad 'n Me and Chainsaw the Children.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by NewGrounds)
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