Sfinx [PL] L.K. Avalon 1995

Wacek and Andzia, a pair of school friends, are told by an old Professor that a flying saucer crashed somewhere on Earth. Poor little alien didn't make it on a sharp interstellar turn... The player guides the two kids trying to find him and help him out. The graphics and gameplay style of this kid-friendly adventure game are similar to Sołtys, but this time the player controls two characters at once, as in Kajko i Kokosz. Conversations are automatic, and all lines are spoken. The children have only 4 inventory slots each and certain items should be picked up with the right person (e.g., the girl will refuse to touch dirty objects, the boy won't care about an alley cat). Progress is saved automatically on exit. In September/2014, the developers and ScummVM released the game free and translated to English.
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Polish ISO Demo 127MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Free English v0.3 / Polish v1.0 16MB (uploaded by ScummVM)

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