David Wolf: Secret Agent Dynamix, Inc. 1989

Bruno Vasto, a madman, has stolen the experimental SF-2 stealth fighter and threatens to blow up Washington D.C.! It's up to you to infiltrate Vasto's organization and retrieve the fighter to save the world. It's all in a day's work for David Wolf, the secret agent. The game merges digitized cinematic cutscenes with bitmap and 3D animation to create an action-based interactive movie. Four 3D action simulations are the heart of the game: HangGliding (with a machine gun mounted to the front), Sportscar driving (with a machine gun mounted to the front), Fighter Simulation (with a machine gun and a missile launcher mounted to the front), and Skydiving (no machine gun). The player follows along with the story for a few minutes, then is attacked and must outwit his opponents to live.
Full Demo with DOSBox 10MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Full Demo 1.5MB (uploaded by DopeRoms)
Full Demo 1.5MB (uploaded by Juego Viejo)

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