Amarhys: The Lost Civilization Xavier Crouzy 2011

Amarhys is a free slide game project born from two passions: 3D computer images and Myst universe. At the start of the project seven years ago, the goal was just to model a realistic landscape in 3DS Max, but the idea of making a mini game made its way and in the end got the better of the one-man creator. Amarhys, a small island surrounded by mystery from where nobody never came back. Lost in the middle of the ocean, it isn't spotted on any map. Most of scientists only see it as a legend, a story hands from generation to generation by drunk sailors. Nevertheless, a few famous writings refer to it and describe it as the cradle of a totally extinct very ancient and developed civilization : the Amarhyan people. Professor Sir William Mac Formato (your brother) and his assistant devoted their whole lives to it. Six years ago, at April 13, 1871, they leaved dry land going in search of this mythical island. Aboard of the "Old Margot", an old vessel of hundred tons burden, they got under way with a lot of scientific devices and construction stuff, enough to build a whole village since arrived to their destination. Only a few sailors, eager for money and adventure, accepted to follow them in this harebrained odyssey. During the five next years, they travelled tirelessly through all the seas and oceans, sailing from deception to deception, but always keeping the hope that, one day, they will finally find the promised land. You didn't get any news from them since one year now. Nightmares are haunting you. A little voice in your head summons you to go searching for them, insisting more and more every night. Only a demo has been released so far.
Level Demo v2.03 113MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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