Quasar / Starship Quasar Crystal Shard 2011

A traditional, low-resolution point-and-click adventure built in the ever-useful Adventure Game Studio, Quasar begins with a good old argument. You’ve been stuck on this bloomin’ space station for goodness knows how long, and patience between its staff is wearing thin. Before long, everyone’s stormed off – and it’s your opening task to make things right again. The game’s aim is to explore relationships between characters, and to experiment with multiple player characters to boot. It does a decent job, with mostly well-written dialogue and some convincing traits. Its puzzles fall into the trap of being ‘easy once you know how’, with even its small number of rooms requiring plenty of exploration and experimentation right from the start. But once you get into its vibe, it’s a competent and surprisingly pretty little adventure game that satisfyingly achieves what it set out to do. Originally a free game, in Jan/2015 a commercial Deluxe Edition a.k.a. Starship Quasar was released with increased picture resolution, enriched color palette, voice acting and a sound system.
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Free Game 15MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)
Deluxe Edition - Full Demo 321MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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