VM Japan: Vantage Master: Mystic Far East [J] Nihon Falcom 2002

This Japanese fantasy strategy-RPG takes place on a fictitious island country based on Japan, where two warring factions vie for domination of the island. The ground spaces each have an elemental attribute, such as water or fire, and these attributes will increase or decrease the power of different units. There is also a day/night cycle in each map, with certain units becoming more powerful at certain times of day. VM Japan has three modes of play: a "scenario mode," which is the normal way to play, a "free mode," which allows a player to freely select levels, and a "network mode," which allows players to play against one another over the Internet. In the scenario mode, the player can select between a shrine maiden, a swordsman, an alien, a princess, and other characters. The game will change based on which class is selected. In addition, the units used in the scenario mode must be discovered before they can be used.
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Japanese DVD ISO Demo 1.36GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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