Chrono Quest II / Explora II Infomedia France / Microvalue 1989

In this sequel...after the events of the first game, you attempt to return to France of 1922, your own time period. A disorder on Explora, your time-machine, makes it use up all its metal fuel, leaving you stranded on an unknown time era. You need to find enough metal for Explora to be able to return you to your place in time. The original point-and-click interface (text-based with auxiliary icons) was replaced by a fully icon driven one. There's a row of icons at the bottom of the screen with movement arrows, a save game icon, "get", "give", "examine", etc. The conversations with characters have a basic form of speech-synthesis which can be turned off (the full text of the dialogue is displayed either way). The game boasts 13 different locations and multiple time stages.
French Full Demo Colour + Black & White Versions 1MB/330kb (uploaded by Abandonware France)
Amiga - English Full Demo *requires emu 7MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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