CatDog: The Quest for the Golden Hydrant KnowWare / Hasbro Interactive 1999

It has recently been learned that somewhere in the town of Nearburg lies a coveted artifact - the Golden Hydrant. Every person and animal in town seems to want to claim it as their own, especially CatDog! Does this two-headed, interspecial being have what it takes? Join CatDog on a six-level adventure featuring animation never before seen in their popular Nickelodeon cartoon. You have the option of playing Adventure Mode to see the animation as you progress through the story or Arcade Mode to play your favorite game at one of ten different difficulty settings. Each 2D level differs from the others, with totally unique arcade action. In the first level, catch pieces of your treasure coupon being dropped by Eddie the Squirrel in a junkyard, avoiding any Greaser Dogs or other antagonists in your way. Then sled down a danger-filled icy slope en route to the Northern Trading Post, followed by a hazardous climb up Mount Nearburg. Next, blast away at aliens in space and join the crew at Taco Depot upon your return to Earth. Here, you'll scramble to ready tacos more quickly than others so as to become the joint's number-one employee. Finally, battle bats and mummies deep within a museum to secure the Golden Hydrant once and for all. Explore the city, a wintry hill, underground tombs, and a city south of the border while looking for the Golden Hydrant by exploring 60 different levels.
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ISO Demo 126MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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