Xanadu Next Nihon Falcom Corp. / XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, Inc. 2005

This is an entry in the Xanadu series of action RPGs and a spin-off of the 1985 action role-playing game Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu. It casts you as a young adventurer recently arrived to the outskirts of the abandoned kingdom of Xanadu, there you hope to raid the dungeons and make a name for yourself, however you get tricked early on and now a curse lays over your head, turning your quest for adventure into one for survival. The game is played from a mouse-driven third-person perspective from which you issue orders to your character. Gameplay consists of the usual dungeon crawling and leveling up, with some added puzzle solving sequences and lots of boss battles to overcome. You can find unique items all over the world and trade them at the local shop back in town, as well as find ancient treasures, buy unique "cards" that grant your character special abilities and learn the lore of the long-forgotten Xanadu. Players seek out enemies, and then rapidly press the attack button to attack them. Spells could also be cast with varying strengths by holding down the spell button, allowing you to cast more powerful spells, but allow the enemies to close in on you. One unique quality the game had was allowing players to switch between two different classes per level, using "Guardians". On each level up, players were able to pick between playing as a spell casting character, or a melee fighting character. Players were encouraged to play for long periods of time. Each group of enemies you cleared raised the experience point bonus from the next group by 1%. The longer a person played, the more experience they would get with each enemy killed. In 2016, an English version was released.
Japanese ISO Demo 639MB (uploaded by Meddle)
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English 1.1 Patch, English 1.1 Patch Fix, Widescreen Resolution Patch 8MB (uploaded by Trey)

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