Antigotchi: Der Kanzler [G] Titanic / Assistant Publishing / NBG Verlag 1998

Politics has never been so exciting in this German political cartoon satire. Antigotchi, the likeable, disgusting little green cyber essence is back. And this time it is serious: It wants to be Chancellor. Hang on to his little green cyber heels and see with your own eyes, Helmut Kohl who is chained in the basement, what nail polish Guido Westerwelle likes best and what Gerhard Schroeder should discuss with Claudia Schiffer. Party in the Bundestag until democracy is on the ground! Find out why Gregor Gysi is so rare to see on talk shows and how much Harald Juhnke can really tolerate. Come with Joschka Fischer and Wolfgang Schäuble in a funky wheelchair race through the center of Bonn. This much is clear: politics is a dirty business, which also makes it even more fun. It's a game by Oliver Schmitt and Benjamin Schiffer with the drawings of Gischbl and locations by Francois Wolf.
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German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 518MB

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