Genesis MultimediA Michael Arnold & Andreas Weiler Gbr 2000

An earthquake in Mexico reveals an odd artifact. Now the player takes the role of archaeologist Curtis Mulligan who investigates it and reveals the traces of a long forgotten culture. Soon you’ll get the clue to get in contact with Prof. Itzhak Stern, who first seems to be untraceable but he’ll be found later in the game but even then you’ll just get in contact with him per chatroom. With his help you’ll discover more gates and you’ll even be able to open them. From this point of the story’ll start to be more science-fiction like. You’ll be confronted with alien-technology and the aliens themselves and finally you’ll be forced to face a long time ago predicted test. Genesis is an adventure game where the player clicks through prerendered stills, collects objects without the help of hotspots and solves puzzles. Most of these puzzles are mathematical riddles but some are of the classic object-based kind. The game features about three dozen puzzles and leads the player to many places all over the world.
German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 766MB

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