Höllische Nachbarn / Hoellische Nachbarn [G] RTL Enterprises / Electronic Arts 2005

This is a humorous 2D point-and-click adventure about feuds with neighbors, with themes and gameplay very similar to the Neighbors from Hell series. It is loosely based on the German TV comedy series of the same name. The aim of the game is to drive your neighbours insane and play a number of nasty pranks on them. The player is able to set traps, remove pets and do other nasty things with the ultimate goal to get the neighbours out of their apartments and houses. In the game there are 10 different areas in which the player can roam (library, bathroom, living room, terrace, corridor, kitchen, greenhouse, sauna, cellar and pool) and place his traps. The player is able to enter the neighbouring houses and manipulate the environment. If the player is caught, a life is lost, unless he carries around an item that can be used as a good excuse for his presence there.
German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 146MB

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