Adventures Of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny, The Europress / Mindscape 1996

This is an educational title targeted for children from three to seven. The two stories faithfully reproduce the original texts with an exact reproduction of the illustrations that were used in the printed editions of the Beatrix Potter classic books. It explains how Peter Rabbit ventured into Mr. McGregor's garden and lost his clothes while escaping it. The second tale included on the CD-ROM retraces the perilous episode when Peter and his cousin Benjamin Bunny, decided to go back to the garden and get back Peter's clothes. Both stories are presented in the same manner as the traditional books with the text accompanied by dozens of ravishing illustrations. Yet, the CD-ROM has the tremendous advantage over the book in that it may feature animations and sounds that irresistibly appeal for children's attention. Not only can children listen to the story teller's voice, but they can also watch animations and discover plenty of others by clicking on the screen with the mouse. Each screen or "page" is composed of an illustration placed in the upper part of the screen with a portion of text below it. While listening to the story, the text being read is highlighted in red. Some of the words used might not be understandable by all, and that's why they will remain highlighted. If the child clicks on the word, a new screen will appear with the definition in the center. Other definitions are available by clicking on one of the 26 letters of the alphabet placed around or on the two arrows near the word's explanation to either go to the previous or next word contained in the glossary. Additionally, each definition can be printed by clicking on the printer icon at the right bottom of the screen. On some screens, you will discover short nursery rhymes based on characters from the world of Peter Rabbit, and a few hot spots that provide for certain words a visual description and the correct spelling. There are eleven skill-building activities accessible like the hot spots with the difference that they are indicated with sparkling stars. The activities are divided in several categories such as a jigsaw puzzle, arcade-style and memory games.
ISO Demo 166MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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