Rugrats Movie Activity Challenge, The Broderbund Software, Inc. 1999

The Rugrats Movie Activity Challenge has six games based on The Rugrats Movie. Each of the games has somewhat of an educational bent -- teaching logic, typing, and critical thinking. But, the games are also just games in the traditional sense. Players have their choice of three difficulty settings: easy, medium, or hard. Each game has ten levels built into it and there is an additional "bonus game" players access if they retrieve Angelica's Cynthia doll during one of the other games. In Traffic Trouble, players must guide the Reptar Wagon through a traffic jam by moving cars around, picking up any pacifiers, baby bottles, or rattles they find along the way. Once players have opened a way out of the jam, the level is over. Similarly, players must shoot the rapids in the Reptar Wagon in Aqua Reptar, picking up the floating pacifiers, baby bottles, rattles, and dolls they find and avoiding bananas thrown by the monkeys. At the end of the level, they must also retrieve baby Dil. Reptar Rhythm has players helping Reptar destroy the city by typing the letter that appears in the brackets. Each level has more letters and the music and the letters come faster. If successful, at the end of the level Reptar's roar levels the city. In Stu's Workshop, players must free Angelica from Stu's antigravity machine by using the machines provided to hit the switch. Making Tracks challenges players to shift the tracks around so that the babies in the Reptar Wagon can retrieve the other characters, the pacifiers, baby bottles, rattles, and the Cynthia doll. On the last track, they must also retrieve baby Dil as in Aqua Reptar. In Monkey Mayhem, players must help Tommy and Chuckie collect items from the monkeys, including jars of baby food. After all the jars of food are collected, they must get Dil back as well. If players manage to grab the Cynthia doll in any of the game levels, they are taken to the bonus round called Spike's Scamper. Players must guide Spike over the ground, pick up the baby items and avoid tripping over the rocks and stumps on the ground. These items are added to the tally of the original game when adding up the score.
ISO Demo 148MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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