Polda 4 [Cz] ZIMA software / AT Computers, a.s. 2002

In 2001, Pankrác, former cop and CIA agent, enjoys the well-deserved holiday accompanied by his beloved female agent. This blissful holiday is interrupted by a desperate phone call from Professor Santusov, one of the Russian scientists he met in his previous adventure. Santusov created a machine that suppresses certain parts in the brain needed to understand and learn languages. The professor is afraid that his superiors will use this device to suppress all languages except Russian and effectively prepare the whole planet for world domination under the Reds. Fortunately, his other invention is a time machine and Pankrác will use it to travel to times and areas like Communist Paris ten years later, prehistory or French Revolution. Polda 4 (Cop 4) is Czech point-and-click adventure. The characters are, for the first time in series, rendered in 3D. The inventory is yet again hidden on the top of the screen and reveals after the mouse approach it. The screens do not scroll this time, the more spacious locations are shown from more angles and the mouse pointer changes into a camera on a tripod when such situation arises. The game also has a more serious approach compared to the previous installments.
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Czech ISO Demo 535MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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