Horke leto 2: Majer se vrací [Cz] JRC Interactive / Centauri Production s.r.o. 1999

The Native American tribe Hatanapalats lives peacefully on the edge of the Arizona desert. The story could have ended before it even started, provided that the famous bandit One-Eye Dingo (nobody knows why he calls himself in this way because his eyesight is perfect) wouldn't steal the artefact Purple Salamander. But he did, and the desperate shaman calls for the hero from the future. But what happens - the ugly beer-drinking slacker Honza Majer appears... The shaman isn't impressed and refuses to give Majer the quest unless he first proves his worthiness. This title, translated as Hot Summer 2: Majer Returns, is a sequel to the 1998 game Horké léto. Following its predecessor, it's a point and click adventure controlled by mouse. Once again, Zdeněk Izer provides all voicing (except for the good-looking female characters). It also features mini-games (including shooting villains, playing poker and the piano) and the player must beat them in order to progress through the story.
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Czech ISO Demo 367MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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