Turtix: Rescue Adventures In Images / Alawar Entertainment, Inc. 2008

The sequel to Turtix is based on the same concept as the original game. During a class, the teacher misreads a recipe and all the students are whisked away in bubbles. Turtix once again needs to save all of them and bring them back safely. It's a side-scrolling game where Turtix explores game worlds to locate the trapped students and needs to bring them back. There are three distinct settings: Magic Forest, Underground Caves and Barren Desert with 60 levels in total. The game can be played in two modes: Casual and Hardcore. In Hardcore levels need to be replayed if these are not successfully completed. Turtix can move around, jump, climb ladders, hang from vines and push crates. Enemies are taken out by jumping on top of them but some have spikes and need timing to take them out. Once a student inside a bubble has been located, Turtix can jump on to pop it. The students will then search their way to the exit and the player can exercise no influence over their movement. Instead, Turtix needs to push crates to block spikes, open gates, defeat enemies, collect keys to open gates and remove barriers to create a safe path for them to follow. Levels do not require players to safe all students, but still most of them. Before popping the bubble, a halo will show if there is a safe passage (green), if there are enemies that will block the path (yellow) or when there are obstacles that will cause the students to die (red). Turtix has a limited amount of health but this can be expanded by looking for magic symbols in treasure chests. Additionally each level holds secret areas with diamonds for extra points. The game keeps track of the player's best time per level and the different game elements are gently introduced through the levels with an increasing difficulty level. After ten levels there is a time bonus game where Turtix needs to collect a number of stars to earn a prize.
1-hour Trial Demo 25MB (uploaded by Big Fish Games)
Full Demo 24MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 23MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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