Guise Of The Wolf Raina Audron 2014

Set in the Kingdom of Uhorsko, during the 17th century, an alchemist named Dominik receives a mysterious invitation, requesting his help in stopping a ravenous creature. Dominik's carriage is attacked on his way to the castle of his summoner. Though he is cared for, Dominik suffers from a wound on his arm. Soon after, he begins to unearth the secret of the castle; a lupine curse which will haunt him in his search for a cure. It involves werewolf/human puzzle solving. The wolf form enables you to leap over obstacles and run faster, shatter chained gates to open new paths, while the human form enables you to unlock doors, use items, mix potions and talk to characters. The game features a classic indie-style with gothic atmosphere. Create potions from ingredients, survive being hunted in the darkest of places, use moonlight to transform into a werewolf, and use your forms to solve puzzles. Unravel the story mystery with multiple endings. Explore a vast castle, and discover secret paths. Full voice-over dialogue and subtitles deliver a chilling tale.
Level Demo 543MB (uploaded by Gamer's Hell)
ISO Demo 929MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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