La Statuette Maudite de l'Oncle Ernest [Fr] Lexis Numerique / Emme 2004

Meet Chipikan in new adventures! Direct sequel to "The Lost Temple of Uncle Ernest", this new opus for 8-12 years transport you in Asia to find the secret formula of Uncle Ernest. But this one is well hidden and many challenges await you! Second episode of the trilogy that began with "The Lost Temple of Uncle Ernest", this new adventure will lead you into a still as realistic and poetic world, full of surprises. Among them, Uncle Ernest's latest wacky invention: The Insectorobot, a mechanical insect capable of learning astonishing powers (invisibility, fire, flight ...)
French ISO Demo 443MB (uploaded by Molitor)
French ISO Demo 351MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Unprotected exe to remove protection 1MB (uploaded by annoyment)
Starforce Patch/Crack (uploaded by TGames Forum)

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