Isle of Right [G] Bernnet AG/Arcmedia/Haupt Digital 1999

This is an adventurous search for the missing human rights, an edutainment CD-ROM to the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights". Finally, you spend your long-awaited vacation on an island somewhere in the world, and soon after your arrival, a journalist is arrested, a judge is missing and a teacher is gone after a police interrogation. You're right in the middle of the threatening events on the Isle of Right and the sinister machinations of the island's President Alposto. By members of the FIR (Freedom for the Isle of Right), you are selected to provide infos on actions perpetrated by the dictator Alposto and uncover egregious political persecution and human rights violations. Again and again you come across questions on the theme of human rights, the answers will get you a little closer to the goal. Here you are on a laptop, and you will need to find many folders of knowledge available in the course. But determining and answering questions is not enough. You must be interactive, develop strategies and use all available tools and media in order to mobilize public opinion against the arbitrary rule of the island-president. The aim of the game is peaceful, that the dictator must evacuate through the practical implementation of human rights into place.
German ISO Demo (thanks to Adventure Freak & uploaded by Scaryfun) 540MB

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