Dizzy And The Other Side Alexandru Simion 2008

This is a fan made game created in the spirit of the famous Dizzy series. Keeping the graphics and gameplay true to the classic series, it tells an original story, full of funny dialogs and clever puzzles. You get to control Dizzy with the arrows keys for walking and jumping around. The enter key is used for action and acquiring items. With the escape key, you can bring up the game menu from where you can save and load your progress. It's a sunny afternoon and Dizzy is enjoying himself in a chat with Denzil. Suddenly, his perfect day turns for the worst. Having no choice, our hero must embark himself on a new quest in search for the lost "Stone Of Balance". During the five acts of the story, players can additionally collect hidden diamonds, which will get them a better score to post online. An interactive walkthrough can be found on the game's official website as well, for players who are stuck with a puzzle or two.
Free Game v1.2 4.8MB (uploaded by Official Site)
included in Dizzy: 30th Anniversary Collection 397MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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