Thomas & Friends: Building the New Line Stunt Puppy Entertainment, Inc. / Infogrames, Inc. 2002

This is an adventure computer game based on the Thomas & Friends television series. You're the new engine driver who's been invited by The Fat Controller to help build the new lines so for the railway to run smoothly on Sodor. A player created track on the Docks setting with Edward chosen to ride on it.The player has to create a new track route from one of three settings: farm, quarry or docks. There they can pick to have what sort of layout either a simple loop or figure eight. To start, the player can pick one of four characters available from the series which are Thomas, Edward, James and Percy. Items used to create and customize the track include trees, rocks and other assorted bits depending on the setting you've picked. Once created, the player can control their engine to where they can go. They can also interact with objects including factories and water towers where small tasks are asked to perform.Later, the player has to clean and repair their selected engine followed by decorating them for a photo to be taken which later can be printed off. The game features new narration and voices by Michael Angelis in the UK only and Robin Smith in the US version as well features music tracks from the first and second series of the show.
ISO Demo 277MB (uploaded by Egon68)
ISO Demo 422MB (uploaded by ethana945)

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