Aoishiro Success 2008

Aoishiro is an adventure game that sets stage in both the modern real world and a mythical world. Aoishiro is the second in a line of yuri visual novel-style PS2 games from game maker SUCCESS and takes place in the same universe as its predecessor, Akai Ito. The Seijou Girls Academy's Kendo Club is traveling to Shoushinji for summer training camp. Near there is an island, Urashima, where a demon extermination took place long ago. They arrive around the time of a festival which honors a god that is worshipped by the people of Urashima, it celebrates the onitaiji and ensure another year of health for the people. Around the time of the festival, the weather around Urashima worsens and storms will come. A few days into their training Osanai Syouko finds a girl washed up on the shores near the location of the training camp who can not speak and doesn't seem to know much about herself. Aoi Shiro's story varies greatly based upon the player's decisions, which not only affect the flow of the story but also the ending the player receives, several of which suggest romantic feelings among the female characters.
Japanese Full Demo + English Translation 5.31GB+22MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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