Mighty Math Zoo Zillions Edmark Corporation 1996

Mighty Math: Zoo Zillions features a few friendly animals who are designed to teach pint-sized players basic math skills such as counting coins and dividing digits. With over 100 math topics and thousands of problems, children can engage in activities including "Otter Twins 3-D Geometry," "Gnu Ewe Boutique," and "Fish Story Problems." Characters will evaluate a child's progress as they advance through problems. The "grow slide" is intended to track progress and adjust the activities to the child's current skill level, or parents can set the difficulty manually and choose a specific topic to mimic a homework assignment. The school edition of Mighty Math: Zoo Zillions includes two program CDs and one teacher resource CD, while the lab pack comes with six program CDs and one teacher resource CD. Features: Learn basic math skills from Ryan the Lion and the Otter Twins; Travel the zoo using the "Number Line Express"; Encourage independent and structured learning with the "question and answer," and "explore and discover" modes.
ISO Demo 223MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Infos and Screenshots
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