39 Steps, The The Story Mechanics / Avanquest, Kiss Ltd 2013

One day, Franklin P. Scudder turns up at Richard Hannay’s London flat, desperately looking for a hideout. Scudder reveals to Hannay that he is a spy and discovered a political plot involving Britain, Germany, and Greece, for the outbreak of a war. A few days later, Hannay finds Scudder murdered in his flat, and now has to flee from the police as well as Scudder’s pursuers. Hannay eventually decides to continue Scudder’s work, decipher his legacy and try to alert the politicians. There are just three weeks left, in which Hannay needs to escape his foes, survive and find someone who is listening to him and his apparently ridiculous story. It's based on John Buchan's spy novel, which was the basis also for movie adaptations including a famous one by Alfred Hitchcock. It mixes on-screen text with multimedia fragments, such as images, audio and video. It also has an array of intuitive interactive elements (Story Mechanics), that are used to give the player control over the story, so no player experience will ever be exactly the same. The product is also being built using the Unity 3D engine, which is allowing the creation of over 200 ultra-high definition locations with real-time visual FX. On their journey, players will be infused with the story world, where they can explore key locations and examine objects, they will also collect items and gain awards according to their progress and play style.
ISO Demo 667MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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