Farland Odyssey II [J] / Farland Tactics IV [K] System Supply N-Tech / TGL 2000

The generation of the firsty odyssey was a depiction of the Del Ventria continent which led to a series of domestic battles to compete for the Book of Forbidden. The second generation is 8 years later. The enemy Heyinjialu come from another continent to hit Del Ventria. The story revolves around a heroine on a journey, describing a grand epic story. On the road, from time to time, figures from the generation will come. The legendary Japanese game artwork is excellent. The game's original paintings come from Sasaki Ikuko. Entering the game, you will find all around are 3D environments. The 2D role players manipulate the majority of 3D scene activities with what can be described as a unique style. The game's music, sound effects are all good. The main character has exclusive dubbing voice will appear each time the action takes place. Listening to the voice, you can more easily let the player into the game to experience the emotions of the game characters. The game's combat system is the main event. It has 45 degree angle screen traditional turn-based combat. The combat system in addition to emphasizing the human movement is also committed to the pursuit of gorgeous spell special effects. The spells and stunts are presented in 16bit high color. Whether summoning attacks or powerful special attacks, they are very gorgeous; game characters will shout their corresponding names in the process of casting spells. But these are not important, the game really flaunts team real-time attacks. The properties of attacks are divided into inflammation, ice, wind, thunder, holy, and darkness. And with the team personnel and fighting, you can freely change the distribution of elements. Props including a "white map" for example, can be purchased in the item shop. Watermark will automatically depict the route traveled and the percentage of completion of each maze. With hundred percent completion rate, you can get to the hidden shops to go and sell items. The game's save system is a bit of a pain - you need to go to a hotel or a designated location to save.
Korean ISO Demo 488MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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