Opening Night MECC 1995

With the Opening Night software program, students can create, direct, and perform on-screen plays. Command 40 actors (Live Actors filmed/photographed and put into the game) who can be directed to portray a wide range of emotions and carry out such physical actions as sitting, standing, walking, and speaking. There's over 100 sets with more than 300 props to create your own scenes. Lighting can also be changed to fit a certain scene along with music and sound effects. Adapt literature or write you own material and put it in the actors mouths. Although the game leans toward a classic British mystery the many combinations can give you almost limitless themes. This game was developed with the cooperation of the The Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis who are most of the in game actors.
ISO Demo 164MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Behind the Scenes - Bonus CD ISO Demo 408MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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