Cottage of Leopold the Cat (aka Special Mouse Hunt) / Dacha Kota Leopolda [Ru] A. Yefremov / 1C Company 1998

This kids game is based on the Russian cartoon Leopold the Cat. There are no spoken or written words within the game so anyone can play it even though it was only released in Eastern Europe. It's a pleasant summer day, the singing of birds, the hum of bees, the scent of flowers, and stretching in a rocking chair with a newspaper is Leopold the cat. What an idyll ... and what a blow to the ego of mice! It is time for the next operation against the purring mistake of nature. The game was created after an episode of the animated series. In it you will have to build some clever "Incredible Machine" type of constructions, as a result of which must occur the imminent meeting of pans with the mustached Leopold. The game is very demanding on your ingenuity and resourcefulness. You can choose from the pair of mice which you want to use as each has a different character and different skills. Leopold, however, our hero cop is ready to tear up the blueprints into a few parts that need to be found again and glued. All operations are logical in nature, so that probably the white mouse who is weaker can not lift a stone, instead the dark mouse can do it. You can find a Tamagotchi like electronic toy also that can grow little kittens into cats.
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Czech Full Demo 119MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Italian ISO Demo 152MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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