Nancy the Happy Whore Technocrat Games / Screen 7 2012

Nancy, the titular sex-worker with an unshakeably optimistic attitude, finds herself running out of fuel while on her way to the Big City. Now, with the help of her best friend and crack-fiend Susie the Drug Addict, she must not only procure the petroleum to make her automobile go again, but help defeat an armed robbery, a disillusioned amateur hippie and THE PROPHETS themselves to help uncover the evil lurking within - the PERFIDIOUS PETROL STATION! The timeless story of a young woman needing gasoline, and nowehere near the giant leap backwards for womens' rights you may think it is! This game serves as the debut for Nancy as a character, as a means of improving art, and as Technocrat Games' first commercial release as part of the Summerbatch bundle. Coming from a tradition of naughty humour and dodgy puns in adventure stretching back as far as "Leisure Suit Larry", Nancy's first adventure is a nostalgic romp into the kind of surreal story that only exists within adventure games. In April/2013, an enhanced version with a fully-voiced comedy script with a talented multinational cast came out.
Multi3 (EN/DE/LA) Full Demo 13MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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