Leithian: In the Abyss [K] Garam & Baram Corp. / Kama Digital Entertainment 1999

Ellen grew up in a quiet village together with her father and brother. One night, she had a strange dream. A mysterious voice was calling out to her, speaking of magic powers and destiny. The next day, Ellen tells her family about the dream. Her father then reveals to her that she carries a magical curse, manifested in the tattoo on her neck. Ellen must leave her home and find the truth about her role in destiny's plans. Leithian is a Korean-made action role-playing game. The player initially controls only Ellen, but later other characters join the party. The player can select the leader and control her or him manually, as well as assign general battle behavior to the rest of the party. Characters can attack, perform combos, actively block, and use magic. Experience points and money are awarded for defeating enemies. Money can be spent in towns to acquire weapons, armor, accessories, and items. There are no character levels in the game: accumulated experience points must be exchanged for increasing attributes in special locations. Unlike most Asian RPGs, the player is allowed to choose which attribute to increase.
Korean ISO Demo 405MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Japanese ISO Demo 448MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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