Futuria [MAC] Unicorn Software 1985

This is an enhanced port of Forbidden City / Forbidden Planet Part II that was initially released on TRS-80. A timewarp in space transports you to the year 2190 and places you in a strange city called Futuria. This adventure games pits you against the Futurian Robots bent on your destruction. You must get back to your ship and escape! Along the way you'll explore 60 locations and interact with 100 unique objects. Futuria was developed in 100% native Macintosh machine language and utilizes the Mac's user interface, keyboard commands. A mouse can be used with a customized menu bar to launch and save the game. The gameplay comprises of a mixture of typed commands and graphical stills. The player interacts with the game by typing in commands from the keyboard while a graphical representation of the action and locales display onscreen.
MAC Full Demo 214kb (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)

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