Burg Schreckenstein 2: Streiche auf Burg Schreckenstein [G] Westka Interactive GmbH / CDV Software Entertainment AG 2002

The girls of the neighboring boarding school Rosenfels stole the bell of castle Schreckenstein! This can not be put up with by the knights. But it does not seem to be so easy to play a trick on the girls, because it is possible the girls will outwit the boys again. While the knights are busy with the revenge, they also have to solve who has been contaminated the Kapel sea with oil waste. To make matters worse, suspicion falls on the Knights. Will Stephen and his boys succeed to prove their innocence and avenge the theft? It's an exciting adventure game,loosely based on the successful children's books by Oliver Hassencamp. Great freedom of movement for players to find their own solutions and there's many imaginative and mind-bending puzzles. It has numerous, complex cartoon animated persons with whom the player can interact with as the figure of Stephen. There's many different, realistic day and night views of the castle and its surroundings, a digital soundtrack and sound effects in stereo, and speech by professional speakers and radio performers.
German ISO Demo (provided by yoshi & upped by Scaryfun) 652MB

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