Edna [Cz] Black Raven / Signum 1997

The witch Edna makes as a secondary employment telling people's fates. One day the king refuses to let her predict the future of his newborn daughter and tosses her out of his kingdom. Edna, of course, feel grossly insulted, plots revenge and looks for allies. It is not easy. The witch does not know whom she can trust and who are merciless snakes. Furthermore, not everyone is selfless in their assistance. The game reminds of the Dizzy games. Do not forget that Edna is governed by basic rules: she will be full of sorrow if she goes a day without an evil deed. The full game was later released for free on a coverdisc for GameStar Pro 1999-08.
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included in GameStar Pro 1999-08 Czech Full Demo 202MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Czech Full Demo/CD Version 3MB/227MB (uploaded by DJ Old Games)

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