Curse of the Aztecs Luke Finlay-Maxwell / Gustavo Da Costa / Charlie Scott / Jack Pickard 2013

Curse of the Aztecs is a horror-puzzle video game in which you must sink into the dangerous depths of the ancient Aztec civilization. The game runs with a randomly generated level system: o two play-throughs are alike, creating a new horror gaming experience every time you play. You play as Marshall Sullivan, a brilliant archaeologist who specialises in Aztec culture. Your long-time rival, Charles Galloway, has recently discovered the biggest find in archaeological history: the lost temple of the Aztecs. The legends speak of this mysterious temple as Montezuma's final resting place, and a monument to the Gods. Obviously though, these are nothing more then myths and stories. You believe it to be your obligation as a man of science to prove Galloway wrong and confront him at the temple he has found. However, as you enter the temple and it's doors begin to shut behind you, you realise there may be more to these myths then you had previously thought...
Windows/Mac Free Game 1.0 360MB (uploaded by

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