Airline 69 II: Krasser's Revenge Interactive Strip / Redfire Software 2005

In Part 2 of this thrilling eco-simulation adventure, the player once again takes the role of Wayne. His partner ChouChou has been kidnapped by the Killer Pussies, the sexy female assistants of the revenge-hungry Major Krasser – and they’re holding her prisoner at a secret location. Major Krasser demands that Wayne carry out a mission for him - otherwise his partner will die. His first task is to steal a painting from the Governor's villa. As it soon turns out, this worthy gentleman has meanwhile sided with the allies. The back of the painting holds a secret Allied plan for attacking German bases. Later Wayne arrives in Tangier, where the brothel queen Madame Rosalie helps him to infiltrate a smuggling gang who can eventually assist him in freeing ChouChou from the clutches of the 3 killer pussies. So Wayne doesn't only have to carry out Major Krasser's dangerous tasks, he still has to work at freeing his lover. Krasser has no intention of letting ChouChou live. Our hero has to show a hell of a lot of ingenuity, courage (and of course, his male attractions and charm) before he can find the secret Kasbah where ChouChou's being held, force his way in there and free her at last. As well as many of the popular characters and locations from Part 1, this has numerous new and exciting locations to offer you. There are also fantastic new characters with whom Wayne interacts during his missions; and here’s another, brand-new feature - we've sub-divided the game into 4 playing levels - guaranteeing you more enjoyment and putting you into one dangerous mission after another - constantly. For instance, in the first level you have to earn money with erotic pin-up photos. This means you have to build a photo studio, in which you can photograph various models...and what! In game level 3, you'll have to set up a smuggling ring. Oh yes... and in between all these missions there are many highly erotic and spicy scenes that’ll have the sweat dripping off the end of your nose! It features numerous new locations (in addition to the locations in Part 1). Many new characters Photograph hot pin-ups in your own photo studio. New flight mode with tons more action. New sex mode Exciting and suspenseful plot - continuing right through the game Improved interface. A soundtrack like a major film score. Numerous cutscenes.
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Level Demo 76MB (uploaded by Gamer's Hell)
Russian ISO Demo 606MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
German ISO Demo 590MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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