Max and the Haunted Castle Tivola Publishing, Inc. / BVM Produktion GmbH 1998

Max and the Haunted Castle is one in a series of animated educational games featuring Max and his friends. The title is geared toward helping pre-school and young children (ages three to seven) focus on orientation and math skills. The game begins as Willy, a little ghost, has lost his ability to fly through walls and doors. He can only recover his missing powers by eating twelve small yellow socks. His old friend Max has been called in to help and has agreed to bravely visit the haunted castle to assist in the search. There are 12 rooms in the castle for Max to visit. Each of them is brightly colored and full of interesting items and characters, such as talking statues and other ghosts using deodorant in the bathroom. You must seek out secret corridors to find some of the socks and even take a ride on a ghost train. The game caters to English, French, and German speakers and comes with extensive narration and highlighted subtitles to encourage early reading.
German ISO + Dosbox 277MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English/French/Dutch ISO Demo 401MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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