Max and the Magician Tivola Publishing, Inc. / BVM Produktion GmbH 2001

Max and the Magician is adapted from a series of picture books about a young dog-boy from Newhoundland. Max's uncle Pong, an inventor, asks Max to deliver his latest creation, the flashlight-broom-vacuum, to the magician Mervin. When Max arrives at the magician's house, he discovers that the evil witch Hagabelle has turned Mervin into a toilet brush. You must free the magician from the curse by finding seven pieces of a magic formula that's been hidden around the house. After restoring the formula, you take a magic broom ride to the house of Hagabelle and restrict her curse-making abilities to only being able to transform things into chocolate cake. Multiple language options (English, German, French and Spanish) are available and the game's basic storybook nature is enlivened by some games (e.g., rabbit catching) and activities such as a spelling machine. The broom flight portion is a game in which you must avoid obstacles from below as well as other characters on brooms. Most of the games have three activity levels with an option to change the difficulty level at any time. Control is effected by use of a banner at the bottom of the screen that includes volume and language options and an icon for keeping track of the remaining formula pieces needed. The in-game narration by the storyteller can be paused or repeated at any time.
English/German/French ISO Demo 128MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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