Whispering Willows David Logan / Night Light Interactive 2014

This is a horror puzzle game that features a deep, dark narrative, beautiful 2-D visuals, and haunting melodies that will leave you yearning for more. You will assume the role of a young girl named Elena as she searches for her missing father against all odds, working through puzzles and bypassing obstacles. She must harness the powers of her heritage, utilizing astral projection and other ethereal abilities to find him before it's too late. Utilize Elena's supernatural ability to make an astral projection of her spirit and enter the realm of the dead. You'll solve puzzles by switching between her two forms and using them to your advantage. Fly through the air, squeeze through cracks no mortal could fit through, manipulate time to your will, freeze objects and harness the power of light to ward off evil spirits in the mansion.
Browser-Playable Alpha Demo (uploaded by Official Site)
Multi10 ISO Demo 571MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo v1.29 + Press Kit 559MB+98MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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