Commander Keen - Doom of Mars DrColossus 2012

Commander Keen - Doom of Mars is a fan game made in Game Maker. It is a crossover between Commander Keen and Doom. After defeating Mortimer McMire's robot army, Commander Keen is on his way to the planet Mars. The Vorticons, Martians and Gnosticenes have built a new teleporter system. There should be an era of peace between their people. With this new technology they are be able to open a portal into another dimension and pass through them to another teleporter station on a different planet. For test purposes, three of these stations were built. One on the Mars itself and the other two on its moons Phobos and Deimos. Keen parked his spaceship in the hangar and went on his way to the Mars Lab. He was a bit too late for the first test run but maybe he could make it in time for the second one. Suddenly the electricity went out and a couple of explosions shook the ground. The emergency power aggregate starts to run. There must be something went wrong. Keen noticed that the teleporter system is running but the communication is dead. Is there everybody dead? He must reach the teleporter room and shut the system down before the whole facility will explode. Warning: This game contains strong violence and extreme gore!
Gameplay video
Free Game 12.6MB (uploaded by Free Game Archive)

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