Q*Bert Artech Studios Ltd. / Hasbro Interactive Ltd. 1999

The little hopping Arcade game character from the 1980s is back and revamped for the 90s. Playable in Classic, Adventure or Head-to-Head mode, Q*bert is for one or two players. In Classic mode, gameplay is the same as it was in the Arcade version, with updated 3D graphics and brand new levels. The object of the game is to jump around on a set of cubes and turn them all the same color while avoiding bad guys such as Coily, Ugg, Wrong Way, Slick and Sam. Once the cubes are all the same color it's time for the next level. If you're in the mood for an adventure instead, try that mode. Q*bert begins the game in the Dimension Vortex, in which you can choose any of four dimensions (each with six levels) to play. Again, the name of the game is jumping on cubes and changing their color but now there can be two target colors on the same board and you may stumble across mini-games, puzzles and even secret levels. While avoiding the usual enemies, Q*bert can grab power-ups such as keys to open doors and cages, a sun which blows all the bad guys off the screen, a bat to get rid of Coily and a bomb with which to destroy certain cubes. The four dimensions are run by Z!La, the Triplets, A!Bol and Q*dina, who at times show up to help Q*bert if he grabs the right power-up. In a Head-to-Head game, two players take on the roles of Q*bert and Q*dirk as they compete to turn all of their cubes to orange or blue, respectively. Shared cubes are green and each player must grab as many as possible before completing all his or her cubes and heading for the exit. The usual enemies are lurking about the entire time and either player can use power-ups such as a disk, camera or trigger to hamper the other character's progress. Games can be saved and returned to later and high scores are also kept for viewing.
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ISO Demo 319MB (uploaded by Meddle)
ISO Demo 243MB (uploaded by hfric)

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