Quadrax Sintech, Cauldron / JRC Interactive 1996

Quadrax is a puzzle game where two characters have to be moved to a predefined place in logical levels. As the entire screen is filled with obstacles, the characters need to help each other get around by flipping switching, moving stone blocks, opening doors, and using lifts. It was originally designed by David Durcak and released for the ZX Spectrum in 1994 with 50 levels. The PC version conversion contains 100 levels, with variations on the same themes. The PC game was popular in Czech Republic & Slovakia, where the developer was from. A fan-made freeware remake titled Quadrax III came out in 2000 by Jozef Kreutzer (Alfaline) with with new graphics and animations with 45 levels, which are much harder than in the original game. A "2005 Revision" version includes a slightly modified engine (new animations, some new music, sound effects) and 15 new levels (total 60). There have also been more levels done by Alfaline for sequels IV through VIII. Although IX was cancelled, X was released in 2015 with new engine (higher resolution, smoother animation) and 90 levels. Quadrax Neverending runs on the modified engine of Quadrax X which was arranged in such a way that it could manage dynamic loading of the levels and all its elements. It goes without saying that it keeps all the difficulty and benefits of QX, such as Full HD with 60 FPS etc., while adding innovations like continuous transit of music pieces on basic screens of the game, improved sync of the monitor refresh, or more accurate displaying of the elapsed time.
Full Demo 6MB (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
Free Games Quadrax III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, Neverending 11MB/26MB/30MB/28MB/163MB/322MB/707MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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