You Don't Know Jack Sports Jellyvision Games, Inc. / Berkeley Systems 1996

The You Don't Know Jack series of party games is known for its oddball humor, sarcastic wit and roundabout way of asking trivia questions. This time Jack is aimed squarely at sports-related topics. Hosted by Guy Towers, this game includes the normal trivia as well as special questions in the form of Gibberish Questions, Multiple-Choice and Fiber Optic Field Trips. As with all Jack games, you can always try to screw another contestant (with actual screws!) or Don't Be a Wimp and be forced to answer the question if that player is in the lead. Compete against up to two friends in a round of seven or 21 questions. Includes 800 sports-themed questions in humorous categories like "Gym Class Heroes". Earn bonus cash by being the first to correctly answer the "Gibberish Question".
ISO Demo 484MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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