Incredible Puzzles / Crazy Quest / Leo The Lion Puzzles Leryx-Longsoft / Optimus Nexus, Wendros, Leryx Longsoft 1998

This is a puzzle game with a concept similar to the Incredible Machine games: the player is given a couple of elements and tasked with arranging them into a contraption to achieve a specified goal, such as using bouncy snakes to bring a key to an imprisoned animal, or setting up hammerhead fishes to hammer in some nails. After setting up the provided objects, the player clicks the start button and watches the events unfold in hopes of achieving the goal. The game is divided into a couple of various wilderness-themed chapters, each of them having different graphics and elements. The elements often include animals, balloons, ropes and the like. The game is automatically saved after every solved puzzle. The objects are all affected by physics and gravity. If the player takes too long solving a riddle, a hint becomes available, which takes the form of a sketchy diagram showing the general solution.
English Beta Full Demo 320MB (uploaded by idmeples+Scaryfun)
Polish ISO Demo 288MB (uploaded by hfric)
Clone ISO Demo 345MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Crazy Quest - 2000 Re-release ISO Demo 601MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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