BackDoor SolarVagrant 2013

This is a free Flash adventure series in several chapters. It has a whole lot of tricks up its sleeve beyond its sneaky puzzles, escape-like premise, and retro-tastic premise that's chock full of references. Door 1: The Call It seemed like just another weird dream... after all, why else would you suddenly find yourself falling through nothingness? But when you hit the floor with a painful thud you're forced to admit this seems like reality... which means something is seriously wrong, considering the room you find yourself locked in and the taunting voice over the phone that dares you to find a way out. But as strange as your situation may be, it's going to get a whole lot stranger before it's done. Door 2: The Job (Dec/2016) Taking the offer of a mysterious person on the phone, you now find yourself navigating the winding paths of a strange, empty otherworld. These paths soon take you to a new world filled with danger, robots, and a job with intentions that are yet to be known.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Games 1-2 (uploaded by Jay Is Games)
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