Knock-Knock Ice-Pick Lodge 2013

There is an unusual house standing in the depth of the forest. It served as a laboratory and a home to three generations of Caretakers. The last Caretaker has recently started noticing frightening changes in the familiar background as certain things fall down, and noises and grating sounds come from somewhere. Something strange is coming from the forest. During the night it even seems that someone makes himself at home in the shadows of the rooms, attics and basements. The main character is sick of headache and is tempted to sleep, but he must not: there are unwanted Guests in the house. He has to stay awake until dawn, sitting up and trying not to let the fear drive him out of mind. The light is going out now: once the lamp goes dark it is time to hide. Meeting the Unknown itself face to face may drive him insane right away, especially with his unstable state of mind. The only thing left to the main character is to try to bring the pieces of his world back into one: he mixes substances, notions, thoughts and reminiscences. The combinations may come out simple and evident, yet unexpected and frightening at times. Walking around the house, avoiding to meet the Unknown, trying to concentrate, pulling himself together and holding on to his sanity, the main character counts the minutes until sunrise. Each subsequent night may turn out even more dangerous than the one before, but it is only during the night that the main puzzle can be solved: what is going on? Are the Guests real or are they consequences of insomnia? What happened to the forest? What is actually happening in the house? Where does the reality stop and the imagination begin? Key features: Hiding - An imitation of playing hide-and-seek with nightmare creatures. A hybrid of Lode Runner, Home Alone and Nightmare Ned; Counting down until the sunrise - The goal of the gaming night is to maintain sanity until dawn and a level lasts for 7-10 minutes; Turning on the light - You can only walk in peace in the rooms where the light is on, yet the light is not eternal as it needs to be kept alive; Exploring the dreams - From time to time there are portals opening in the walls that let the unknown into the house, yet the main character can step forward and enter the portal himself to go inside a dream; Running experiments - The biostation has long since been used by researchers for various tests from simple and routine ones to absolutely absurd experiments trenching upon metaphysics. What the next synthesis will bring? Morphine? A ray of light? Nostalgia? Or just a cup of hot tea? Everything that happens in the house is a clue. Try harder and you would be able to expose the underlying mystery.
Russian GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.4 + vPatch + Extras 410MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
Multi5 ISO Demo 436MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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